All Seasons now offers whole home surge protectors!


Our complete home surge protectors install on your home's existing breaker box. Once installed they protect your home with 108,000 AMPS of surge protection. Our surge protection devices carry a manufacturer's connected equipment warranty up to $75,000.00.


Yearly insurance claims for power surge damage results in over $1 billion in losses with an average claim of $4,500.00.


80% of power surges come from inside the home, not from external factors like lightning.


The cost of a surge protector is minimal when compared to the cost of replacing electronics and appliances when a power surge occurs.


Many insurance companies offer rate discounts for a professionally installed surge protector.

We offer professionally installed complete home protection devices for only $525.00 (plus tax) installed.

What are you waiting for? Call (828) 651-9998 to protect your home today!

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